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This original textured spackle canvas painting was made using various techniques. 

Materials used:

* Stretched Canvas
* Texture Medium
* Matte Black Acrylic Paint 

This piece is 100% HANDMADE on stretched canvas. 
This is a custom created piece using the same technique used 
to create my original painting in the photos. Because each piece
is handmade, the textures created in your piece will be similar but
not identical to that in the photos.

The original piece has SOLD

Once your order is placed, I will begin creating your piece. Once completed, I will 
send a photo for your confirmation. Upon confirmation, your order will be shipped.

The total creation process will take 7-14 business days. Delivery time would take 1-4 business days

Questions: Please feel free to message me with any questions or inquiries about custom artwork.

Matte Black Collection

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