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Canzetta, Creator


Artist Statement
Looking within ourselves is great when the chaos of daily life becomes overwhelming. Through my artwork, I portray the chaos of life with each stroke of my pallet knife/brush. The gold leaf is then placed to represent the golden light we all have within us. Though my art may not be the reason someone chooses to recognize the light within them, I want it to be the reason someone stops,  takes a breath, and smiles. That slight moment of delight is enough to temporarily halt the chaos
of life

Artist Bio

Canzetta Gailliard was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1988. She received her Bachelors
in Mechanical Engineering at The Citadel in 2020. Canzetta is a self taught artist that has been
creating art since 2017. She is a member of South Carolina Artists and currently has five art
pieces being exhibited at The Land Bank Luxury Loft Apartments in Columbia, South Carolina.
Canzetta lives and works in Camden, South Carolina.


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